FAO TFK app developer

Hi in the hope someone here can help,when TFK opens categories etc all is normal,but when 8 click on any category the writing is far too big( irrespective if I go to medium in settings on phone)
Thank you

I’m not an app developer, but i can help with this.

You need to go into your internet settings on the phone , scroll down until you see the section that says - shove your thumb up your arse … and then go ahead and do it.

Failing that, make sure you are in mobile view and not desktop.


In Mobile already,changed bloody phones ,on TFK it’s huge,on Twitter A1,p.s. too much respect for my hole

I’ve been TFK’ing for a long long time and I’ve never clicked on categories until just now.


It’s sick carry on is what it is … tis far from categories he was rared.

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Also there’s an app? I thought that went the way of the dodo?

You’re on it

I didnt want to embarrass you by letting everyone know you were reared and not rared but since you seem comfortable with it we;ll roll with it.

I’m on t’internet

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The app was great - the two boys searching our history to see what we were browsing/ downloading… they wouldnt get away with it now. Not in the age of GDPR


Fair dues for knowing where you are :+1::+1:

Obviously I’m a Luddite but sure how bad?

Would you fuck away out of categories you gowl.


Was just showing the bloody size of the text

Tut Tut getting a bit upset honey?