FAO the poster known as Caoimhaoin

Ill get to the point… your faux internet hardman bullyboy crap absolutely sickens me.
In fact you sicken me dicktard.

I see on another thread you are planning a trip to the capital in the coming weeks.
With that in mind i’d like to take you up on one of the several challanges you seem to be throwing down throughout the forum in recent days, i’d like to meet you face to face when you are in Dublin and maybe we can settle things in the form of an old fashioned ‘fistfight’.
That is what you are challanging myself and others to i take it?

This is not new ground for me and its an area im comfortable with so ill let you decide where and when. Don’t give me this scrapyard crap, this is not a US TV show, this is for real. I propose a quite area of the Phoenix Park but as i said you decide, after all you laid down the challange.

Apart from the 13th March i am currently available through to the beginning of April.

Over to you, your move dicktard.

I have already commenced PM contact with you, use that or this thread, im happy to organise this any way you feel comfortable.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

What a great forum this place is! :pint:

Kev + The Prawn = :wub:


Ah lovely.


You wanna make it a double date B)

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Post of the year!!

Oh, it’s on!!!


Go on the Prawn.


The hours approaching, just give it your best
You’ve got to reach your prime.
That�s when you need to put yourself to the test,
And show us a passage of time,
We’re gonna need a montage (montage)
Oh it takes a montage (montage)

Show a lot of things happing at once,
Remind everyone of whats going on (whats going on?)
And with every shot you show a little improvement
To show it all would take to long
Thats called a montage (montage)
Oh we want montage (montage)

And anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro,
You need a montage (montage)
Even Rocky had a montage (montage)

Anything that we want to go from just a beginner to a pro,
You need a montage (montage)
Oh it takes a montage (montage)

Always fade out in a montage,
If you fade out, it seem like more time
Has passed in a montage,

:clap: :clap: :pint: :barcasmile: Jaysus, NCC badly rattled here. G’wan the Kev! :guns: :guns:

:lol: :lol:

Between Kib man’s devestating psychoanalysis last night and this challenge to his manliness he’s getting it from all angles.

His diet is being tested like never before.

The fact that you took in this retards post says more about you than me.

I told you in PM DBP, bring it on. Start of april sounds good. I’ll come alone, i hope, with the exception of your pussy, that you will as well.

You’re taking all this very badly. A little bit of introspection can only help you learn to better engage with other people.

Embrace it.

Will Emmet Stagg be there aswell??? :wub:

How many times do you actually need to come across as a knob, before you see it in yourself wtb?

This defensiveness only makes you look more insecure.

You don’t need to constantly validate yourself through internet victories, stop thinking like little kev in the schoolyard and people will stop seeing you as him.

DBP 1/2 Kev 2/1

Novelty bets
Knockout in the 1st for the Prawn : Even money
Kev to chicken out 1/3
NCC to ref 9/2
Dunph to tip the winner, Mac to tip the loser double, 1/999

i don’t consider anything on here a victory, only telling it like i see it. I don’t expect you to agree, or even understand.

i reckon this clash will be tantamount to the following,