FAO The Runt

I see gimps banging on about the anniversary of the ‘miracle’ match on facebook. Are Munster in the same kinda predicament ? What do ye need to win by?

They need to score 4 tries at home against a reserve team from France.

I see another play in the making… are they then guaranteed qualification?

Think we need to get 4 tries. We (the supporters) are going to have a huge role to play on Sunday, in fact I could see this game being won in the stands.

Low, lie the fields of Athenrye…

A huge role. Massive.

We need to rebuild Fortress Thomond.

I want to see manic aggression, Runt. #SUAF

Are Leinster still in this?

The 12 County Army still live and breath. For now.

What do Leinster have to do this weekend to qualify? I know they need a bonus point but do they need to score extra tries and are they depending on results elsewhere?

They have to score a bonus point win to have any chance but they need other results to go their way. If Toulon win in Montpellier then Munster and Leinster can still go through. For both, the more tries the better.

Or worse…