FAO tipp lads

Which stand in semple stadium is the ryan stand?

What will Tipp folk do now for the rest of the summer since they are out of Hurling championship?


Didnt take the Dub hurling fans long to go down the despicable road their football equivalent have been on for decades.

Be on the look out for someones attractive cousin no doubt.


Here’s me in action last night:


It the kip with no corporate entertainment facilities, no leg room between rows and no backs on the seats.

It’s the stand that was built in 1984. On your left as you look down the pitch from the Killinan end.

It’s the old new stand, as opposed to the now, new old stand.
Chipp :confused:


You’ve never mentioned that before Bandage.

[quote=“Sidney, post: 802414, member: 183”]Here’s me in action last night:

Outside the Tourist office - performance art for our overseas visitors.