Favourite Crisps and savoury snacks Only thread

Seeing as we are not allowed discuss our favourites crisps or savoury snacks in the sweet tooth thread, I thought I would open one where we could. So folks throw up favourites.

Currently my favourite crisps.

McCoy Bacon Sizzler Flavour
Hot Lips
Beef hula hoops.

There use to be hot dog flavour snacks called Crun Choos or something like that, thought they were lovely but they dont seem to be available anymore.


Hunkey Doreys S&V and C&O rock.
Monster Munch.

Prefer the Scampi Fries meself. :slight_smile:


Ah this is a tough one.
As mentioned on the other thread -

Current favourite Cheese n Onion

Current favourite Salt N’Vinegar

Favourite Pub snack is bacon fries closely followed by Scampi’s

KP salted peanuts. A true classic

good man taz. was thinking of the same thread! not a big chocolate or sweet man, but do like a decent packet of crisps.

In no particular order, Hunky Dorys C&O or buffalo, those O’Donnells ones runt pointed out, I like the aul King crisps too.

I’m fussy enough on the crisps, wouldnt like meanies or shite like that. and hate salt and vinegar. hate salt and vinegar in general on anything!

Taz, are peanuts allowed here? big fan of dry roasted.

Dry Roasted Peanuts are my favourite overall snack at the moment. The problem is once I start I can’t stop eating them and end up feeling sick.
I’ve taken to putting them into a small blow to bring with into the sitting room, instead of bringing the whole bag in (these are the big bags you get in the supermarket).

Yep Peanuts are allowed here. Big fan of dry roasted myself. I like the hot and spicy Pringles as well.

I’ve heard some horror stories about peanuts going down peoples windpipes, starting to sprout down there then. Fucked if I know whether they’re urban legends or not, but they’ve put me right off my favoured dry roasted and havent had any in nigh on 6 months now :frowning:

These are a top top nut, but don’t seem to be that widely available


I love chilli flavoured crisps too, the likes of these:

would like the red rock and kettle variety of crisps too, have a good crunch to them.

mccoys flame grilled steak crisp…bleedin delic man

The noblest of man crisps :clap: , now for something completely different…


I stumbled across these as a result of Mrs. Tintin, they are the only crisps she eats since the new twins were born(she reckons they are healthier or something :rolleyes: ). There is next to nothing in a bag of them but they are lovely.

This may sound mad, but Hunky Dory had a “low fat” cheese and onion crisps out last year and they were superb.
I preferred them to the original ones because they were also guaranteed to be full of powder/flavour, whereas you could often end up with a “dry” bag of the original crisps.

Sort of a white and green bag? They were nice alright.

I go mad for these things whenever I go on holidays

Ugh cheese flavour crisps are the work of the devil, but not cheese and onion. :smiley:

I can’t believe king crisps haven’t got the nod here