Favourite Dublin Pub that won't exist again

While sitting in work trying to find a place to go for our forthcoming work night out I’ve been trying to come up with suggestions of where to go.

Where’s is everybodys favourite drinking hole?

My favourite pub is Mulligans, just a pure class old style boozer.

anywhere on merrion row/baggot street

pints pints pints pints

I’m a fan of Mulligan’s too. But only if it’s a good lads’ session. You can’t be having birds in there. I like Kehoe’s in summer mainly because it’s great standing outside in the sun trap there and the totty is usually fairly decent. I like the 51 in Haddington Road too because we own that joint! We choose what gets put on TV, how loud the sound is, when the TV gets turned off, when the music gets turned on, the playlist for the evening and when we leave. Never once been thrown out of there despite being a disgrace on numerous occasions, none more so than last Saturday. Don’t know enough other boozers to be honest.

The Long Hall
Kehoes sometimes
Sackville Lounge

I used to love the Hut in Phibsboro.


Mulligans is a decent spot but not the kind of bar to be chatting up women. Was in there with a group of pissed lads one night, naturally started chatting up some married women at the bar. Barman warned one of the lads that it wasn’t that kind of bar and gave us shots of tequila so we would leave. Couple of times I have been in the Long Hall the Guinness want great. Pretty cool inside but if the booze is shite it ain’t much good. Never been in the baggot st places. Presume they are cuntfests

Looking fwd to sampling some of these watering holes in a couple of weeks. Dublin’s nightlife pisses all over a frankly diabolical Sydney one. Not sure where that leaves the scores

I’ve often drank in the auld Hut.

Nothing like a long session in The Gravediggers of a Sunday though.

The Dame tavern is a great boozer to get lost in for a day…nicley tucked away on Dame lane…racing channel always on…great little boozer…
:pint: :pint: :pint:

Thought you were a regular at the Ivy mate?

been there only 4 or 5 times. Mainly when I came over here first, havent been in a good while.

Had a feed of porter in Toner’s on Baggot Street last night. Grand auld night. The Guinness was top notch, ordering could be done with a wink and a nod, a bit of banter with the bar girl. One drawback was that they only had one, small telly operating for the Celtic match.

+1, only draw back is proximity to a betting office

Do you not socialize with TKF AFC for match nights like last night? Does the 51 not sponsor TFK AFC?

No and no.

I’m sorry to hear that and it looks like we are all lead on a merry dance in regards the 51’s relationship with TFK AFC.

Its still a strong relationship. TFK’s drink problem keeps the 51 afloat.


Farmer refusing to drink with team mates. Bandage,communications officer for TFK AFC, insisting the 51 are the team sponsor when they are not. Mid week crisis whereby they barely fielded a team… The wheels have truely come off the gravy train. TFK AFC are the Munster of astro turf football

Are they NOT the team sponsor, was the question asked. They are the sponsor so Farmer correctly answered no. Glad to clear this up.


So you confirm that the 51 are indeed the sponsor of TFK AFC?