Favourite Nationality

I’m going with the the English. They’ve delivered in every possible arena over the years.

Least favourite would be the South Africans. Shower of cunts.

Favourite and least favourite come from the same country i’d say, the United states. Found the North Westerners some of the finest people i ever met and worked with. Found sourtherners to be the stupidest race of people i ever dealt with.

I would have a soft spot for Sardinians, Basques and Catalans as well.

Italy - savage food, savage women.

Russians always intrigued me as well.

I like Yanks as well. Yank women are great.

Favourite nationality: Irish
Least favourite: Corkonians


3rd City syndrome. :rolleyes:

these are not nationalities you have ahve here Kev but examples of people who come from a densely populated particular region within a country.

i also hate when people “sympathise” with etnic minorities and try to justify their feelings by saying that because they are in a democratic mimority for some reason they are entitled to a state of their own within that country, e.g. , Palistinians, Travellers, Bosnian Moslems, kurds, kosoavar albanins, get ta fook, if u dont like the coutry you live in fook off out of it

my favourite nationality would be the Lebaneese, a thoroughly allright bunch of optomistic sorts.

im not particularly racist as i usually think of people as a natonality “lebaneese” than a race " arabs", however the nmost dislikeable bunch of cunts i have ever met on a consistent level would have to be Nigerians and also Black South Africans who truly believe that the world owes them something.

What an utterly detestable race/nationality.

Favourite would be the Argentinians,they love the Irish and are always good craic,least would be Aussies or English who are both a shower of scummy cunts.

The Colombians are a great bunch of lads.
The Israelis are the worst shower of despicable cunts ive ever met. But my experience of meeting them is limited to travelling. Tight boring fooks, who’d rather sit in their own little groups smoking dope than actually talk to anyone else.

I know a few Italians and they are all sound sorts and a good laugh. I’ll say Italians.

Israelis don’t count, its not a nation.

Luigi, Enzo and Mr Fusco?

Amongst others…

I’m not sympathizing with anyone you fool.

I’ve been to these places more than a few times and have enjoyed the people. They may not be nations, but they are definitely different to other people within those nations. Like Americans, i really don’t believe you can class them all the same, there are at least 4 different types of people in the US. Basques and Catalans are definitely different from the rest of Spain, Sardinians are fairly from Italians being closer to spanish and French people if anything, and ncc has assured me of never been able to like Italians “in general”.

The more i think about it though its Israeli’s i dislike the most. But i don’t recognize it as a country so i’m not sure how that sits with Mickee.

Nowegians are alright sorts
Don’t like Serbs, dirty shower of cunts

italians by far the greatest people in the world

hot women, the finest art in the world- the finest food in the world- the finest football in the world- the home of the prince of Rome

kevin still hasnt grasped the meaning of this thread yet & is spouting about regional differences for some reason so best to ignore his post


also any israelis ive met have been bang on

the welsh iv met are generally pricks, i see them as the European aussies.

so are the saffers, and the blacks are as bad as the whites down there.

couldnt pick a favourite but the Danes are tolerable, iv met about 5 of them.

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan,i never miss an episode of Unbeatable Banzuke or Ninja Warrior.

Americans and Canadians in a close 2nd.