Fianna Fail


he’s pulling on the green jersey Fagan, the tide has turned, welcome the to the big league liam


He’ll be pulling on the cloak of Fianna Fail man.


Imagine the craic to be had with a few imaginary letterheads now


Good old Limousin Cahill.


the last time I shared an organization with this kunt, he barred me


Cahill was named as one of the movers and shakers pulling the strings of the power breakers in government by the Sindo a few weeks ago. Said he was McEntee’s man in Meath and had him down as FG affiliation. So now he’s FF he has worked for all 3 of the troika parties. Well done Liam.


Liam is one of the Illuminati.


Brian Crowley booted out of Fianna Fail.


Yesterday evening they were discussing the fact that he has an attendance rate of less than 50% in Brussels and has by far the lowest contributions to debates etc of any of our current MEPs (this was prior to the last election). How come none of this was raised during the campaign? Or need I ask.


fuck him, teaming up with the tories and the unionists


I asked as much during the election, this cunt romps home time after time yet I couldn’t recall anything of note he’s done.


He won’t be seen or heard for another four years and ten months.

He has the greatest job possible. Just seems a nice man and he’ll canter home again at re-election time, despite no real noteworthy speeches or achievements in his time in Europe.


Crowley has really mugged you all off


Not me. I voted for Kodos.


he sends lads Christmas cards, sure what more do you want?








He would probably get in as an independent in that area of Cork. To be honest I always felt there was a huge sympathy vote for him and was a bit ah shucks and patronizing than anything based on politics.


Checked to here