Fianna Fail


We haven’t gone away ye know :ph34r:


Taking votes off the shinners, the comeback is on!


No offense lads, but ye can have the Shinners votes all ye want.

But the rest of us won’t forget too soon :strokechin:


If fianna fáil do make a comeback it will be a sad indictment on the people of Ireland. Its not like they’ve radically reformed or anything.


It might take them 10, 15 or 25 years. But them cunts will be back in power. The Irish electorate really are that stupid.


Sad but probably true. Maybe one day labour will get their act together and become a genuine alternative to the big two. I reckon sinn féin will get their before labour will though.


All those cunts who swore black and blue they’d never vote for them again. :lol:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Labour need their hands held all the time. It will never happen.


What is this shit?


I think they will be back in power within 12 months


They will in their fuck be back in power within 12 months bar as a junior b partner in a coalition and most likely they would be in bed with the blueshirts.


Yes a FF/FG Govt after a split Dail.

Labour will need to leave the existing administration pretty quickly if they are to avoid a meltdown of epic proportions at the next scheduled election. I predict a walk about once the Troika enforce serious cuts in the public sector budget.

Strategically it’s better for political parties to be in opposition at the moment. Country is a puppet state economically at the moment and the likes of Labour would be far better off as a party shouting from the outside rather than implementing the instructions of their masters

To be fair the troika aren’t all bad. Property price register finally in, was it back in the 70s that was suggested?


No chance of that at all. The brand is still too toxic for the time being.




Who’s that in your avatar? :ph34r:

Looks like a Shinner murdering type to me. Or was he another one of the old IRA boys who threw jelly tots at the Brits?

if your going to condescend at least don’t make yourself look like a fool lad


Inspired appointment for the Temporary Press Officer:clap:


we’re back baby


Who is it?


Only the great Liam Cahill


I thought he was a Labour Party man?