Fight for Humanity

If you could send out one poster to fight for humanity against the grips of Covid-19 in a one on one duel, who would it be and why?

Are we hoping they win or lose and die?


If they lose you die.

you. You’d give the virus a virus

If I gave the virus what I have it would be undefeatable.

But if they win would they be going on about it the whole time

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You could send @glasagusban out and the virus would end up distracted for a very long time Googling “facts” that had been thrun at it.

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The virus loves alcohol. That rules out most posters.

I’d send out @horsebox — The virus would die from laughter seeing the that pure misfortune trudging out for a duel.


What would the duel entail - fists or pistol ???

@Sidney or @Il_Bomber_Destro

can we send out a clique?



@Tank . Bye bye virus

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@Nembo_Kid is the man to sort it out I reckon

@Tank the only man to threaten to start a tfk political party.

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I’d just bore the virus to death.

Covid19 would say “Fuck this, I’m just so bored of this lockdown. Fucking stale banter.”

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I’d send out @Fagan_ODowd and his battery charged lidl chainsaw, with a spare battery