Fiji supporters thread

Signing in. I’ve gotta feeling. A great bunch of lads

They’re gonna do Gatty this weekend

We are fucking magic

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Fuckers are fucking us lads.

Gutted brah. We nearly had the cunts.

We did. We fucking did. But you need to take your chances against a Gatty outfit

A genuinely suspicious refereeing performance.

Thought it was reasonable. Fiji should have won that pulling up. Can’t blame the ref. Blame some shoddy defending and kicking.


Congrats to the Fijians. League is the game now in Oz, all the best players gravitating to that.

We did it :fiji: :palm_tree:

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Are ye on board now fuckers???

We got this

We’re gonna be hard stopped lads

I see touisova son passed away at the weekend from a long term illness he was only 7. Horrendous. They found out shortly before the Georgia game. He is staying at the RWC.

May he RIP


Weird carry on. Go home t’fuck.

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It is to each their own how they grieve.

RIP that young man. The most awful thing to lose a child.

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You’d have thought so but different culture I guess.

He was ill for a long time. So he probably had his decision made before he left for France.

We March on.