I’ve realised today that the ignore function is finally back, I slapped that boring cunt @Rocko straight on the ignore list, has he been saying anything of any interest recently. The cunt will be on to us again soon looking for money for this place

Going to put the likes of @Horsebox and @padjo on ignore next, any other recommendations?


Stick that cunt @Fran on ignore while you’re at it


Only having a bit of craic kid.

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Thank god, I thought you were serious


Who posted this?


I’m taking nothing seriously for the next week.

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Any of you guys try the new “pagination” feature? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for ages. I may splurge on Silver Membership if these improvements keep coming. :euro:

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I didn’t know what to expect of the famous ignore function, when you can just view the post by clicking it takes some discipline

I’ve just teed up a handy one

That wasnt how the old one worked … how/where do i find this function now?

Click on my profile

Ah, ok … the full profile… Got ya!

No more @Horsebox or @StoneCold - what a day.


Dont speak too soon mate

I’m only pulling your leg, mate… we’re great mates.

Cheers mate

How we doing guys? Who’s ignoring what?

Who said that?

I’m ignoring anything horse* related anyways by the old fashioned method of not clicking into it.

*Not to be confused with @Horsebox. I love @Horsebox.

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