Fingal in the GGA

there are a numbers of reasons this shouldbe stopped


[]the stickhurling team is made up of muldoons that play for fingal clubs
]less than a thousand people watched de duds against tipp so obviously the support shouldnt be divided
[*]fingal has no history of stick hurling or gga agriball so they shouldnt force it upon us

feel free to add more

The King of the Dutch Bet

personally i cannot understand why weaker counties like dublin and down who are sruggling at hurling feel the need to field two seperate hurling teams.
What is the purpose of South Down and Fingal in the NHL div3 ?

big time

To get more money to support the local areas in hurling development. They get grants separated from their powerful football orientated boards.

NCC - You’ve consistantly told us about your Italian roots. Don’t you think that muldoons as you call us have more rights to anything in this country than you, or your family?

We all have to suffer Shamscum rovers, so this should be easily enough tolerated by your crowd.

the italians have made dublin more multicultural- great food, wine , art etc etc muldoons have added nothing to Dublin life - next

Em, a muldoon built the Italian quarter

there isnt an italian quater in fingal as yet :rolleyes:

as regards to Dublin - a muldoon has mocked the Italians which is fair enough & a noble noble thing to do- I respect this particular muldoon for creating an italian identity for himself- its genius in fact but it doesnt change the fact that its italian food that he has brought to Dublin & not bogfood

Any chance of ye not taking that field off them to turn into a car park? They need it for their numbers.

im seething that the GGA are trying to get their paws on that field at the expense of business & employment- seething :angry:

Your quote was in relation to Dublin life - not Fingal. Apparently there’s a difference.

Anyway, don’t be letting me steer you off topic. Someone might bite over the course of the afternoon if you’re lucky.

if you cant have a serious conversation about this issue then please stay off the thread :rolleyes:

I hear the children have had to start playing hopscotch on the median of the M50 as a result.


Good post, id agree with all of it.

No problem mate

The Tipp/Dublin attendance was 4/5k you halfwit.

Dont let the truth get in the way of a good wind up turenne.

bullshit it was :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: