Fingal representation at last!


We’ve got our first county team next summer. Playing in the Nicky Rackard Cup. hi5 hi5 hi5



Then you can go ahead and join the Commonwealth.


What’s going on here?


It’s to develop hurling in north Dublin.


I was very frustrated by traffic in Malahide village this evening, I was wondering whether NCC could account for it. The traffic light system there appears to add to the problem in a big way. Nice little village though all the same.


generally a lot of out of towners come to malahide on a sunday & clog up the traffic- one of the downsides of living in a picturesque tourist area


I hadn’t time to dig the place too much bro. I was just dropping a bogger back there to collect his car after he drank the shit out of it in Gibney’s last night.


[size=“6”]Fingal backs Norris presidency bid[/size]

Fingal County Council has tonight become the first local authority to nominate Senator David Norris for the presidency.

The Independent Trinity College Senator requires four local authorities or 20 members of the Oireachtas to give him their nomination before he can run in the election.

“We’re delighted, it’s great for democracy,” a spokeswoman for Senator Norris said. “We’re a quarter way up the hill.”

The nomination, which does not imply political support for his candidacy, was proposed by Independent Cllr David O’Connor and Labour Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Ken Farrell.

The vote was 12-5 in favour of the nomination

Senator Norris wrote to the 34 eligible local authorities on March 14th seeking permission to address them on his efforts to receive a nomination.

He addressed Meath County Council in Navan today and is due to address Wexford and Carlow on May 13th.

  • Fingal, a bastion for pluralism, tolerance and modernity. As someone who lives in the Fingal marches I am proud to be governed by this righteous council. Malahide must be like Greenwich Village these days. :clap: