Fingal says No!


What’s their problem?


It would appear the main argument they came up with was “we want to protect democracy by having less democracy”. Retards


Why should a Dublin mayor preside over Fingal? We are the only county to persistently rebel against the administrative boundaries imposed on us by the English. Fingal shall never again be ruled by the Mansion House.


+1 Rocko. A bloody land grab by jackeens is all this amounts to. Let the Royalists have Dun Laoghaire, but they’ll never take Balbriggan.


Fair play. They said the new bunch would fix the potholes. We love our potholes.


Crimea and howth, 2 proud peninsulas that refuse to submit to their supposed administrative overlords. We will decide if we want a mayor. We will neither be ruled by Main Street (swords) nor mansion house. We are a proud and peaceful people but know that if you try to make us submit to the authority of the mainland you will face the anger of the entire archipelago.


Up Fingal! Saving small businesses. We have reduced rates on SMEs by 14% to encourage local business. If decisions like this were taken out of our hands we would be subject to the vagaries of a Mansion House who has no appreciation for our dear land and vibrant economy.




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