First Dates Ireland


First Dates (Irish version) RTE 2

English version is good. Entertaining.

Already the Irish are cunts

Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel

There after putting an obviously gay lad with a woman on the first date, for fuck sake


She doesn’t care if she meets a guy or a girl

This generation is fucked




Stand up comedy and criminology. I despise this one already.

What’s your favourite meme. Ah here


“Super awkward”
“Do you have a favourite meme?”

Ffs sake


The black one is a mentaller. You definitely would though


No way. She has hands the size of shovels.


Bat shit crazy

You would but you would be nervous she would kill you so would be relieved to get the fuck out




What sort of degenerate thinks it’s a good idea to go on a show like that


The world is full of attention seeking cunts.


The same type of person who wants to be a stand up comedian obviously. A deep seated need for attention


Her mother was also a mentaler.


Your man’s Mickey has retracted


This Donegal lad is definitely getting the ride tonight


Whether he wants it or not


Never overlook a woman’s hands, especially in the modern era…


Beat me too it…I don’t think he has much of an option here.


These two cunts are ridiculously fake.