First game on Wednesday at 7

First game is at 7 on Wednesday in St Paul’s.

Tinnion bring your game head. Everyone else you need to bring runners, socks, shinpads, shorts. I will bring a set of jerseys.

Can anyone not be there?

What colour are the jerseys?

Just want to ensure I have appropriate matching socks and shorts. What colour do you suggest, rocko?

The jerseys are gold with black trim. They feature a Martello Tower in the crest.

I’d advise black shorts and socks.

See comment on rules thread re shinpads…

I have white shorts, white socks and white runners (recently bought today and look abhorrent)

White’s fine Farmer, black was merely a recommendation. Shin pads are an issue though.

Farmer’s shinpad are only as high as his ankles. Is this an issue?