First Member of Wedding Party to Return

Who do you think will be first to return to the forum after the Appendage wedding yesterday?

Bandage is highly likely to have slept alone and is easily the most addicted to TFK so I’d be expecting him on first. That said there could be some sort of all day Irish breakfast in whatever hotel they’ve thrashed so he could be distracted for the weekend and we may not hear from him until he’s being airlifted to Glasgow for the Celtic match on Sunday.

Appendage is married one day and really shouldn’t be online. That said he was on here yesterday and he’ll surely try and lay down a marker for the marriage now by having some quality “Appendage time” to himself.

Jugs is most likely to have been involved in some sort of drunken escapade/high jinx. He’ll surely want to tell us all what happened and to defend his good name before Bandage slurs it with the truth. Problem is he’s probably in a doctor’s surgery at the moment explaining the embarrassing details to some lady doctor and begging her to just take a look at it.

we have a winner…

Looking forward to hearing a few stories…

Do you know what I hate? Black-tie weddings. I’ve one coming up in a few months and the old man is going as well so I can’t borrow his monkey suit, that probably means more money for that cunt off the Dragon’s Den. How much would a new one cost me to buy in case there’s any more of these freakshow weddings coming up?

This crowd ( were selling them for e99 at one point late last year.