Football Trivia

name the 2 teams to win world cups outside their continent?

Brazil in Sweden and USA and Japan
Argentina in Mexico

no European team has won outside Europe

shit question then :lol:

Brazil and Argentina ?

ah no, a must try harder question maybe tho!

Give us another one there NCC…

Who was the last England player to win a cap whilst playing his club football in Scotland?

Alan Thompson?

how about a joke…

at englands training session this morning fabio capello shouts instructions at waye rooney. rooney straight away gets the ball & dribbless around ashley cole, then wright phillps, then heskey & defoe & finally ledley king.capello shaks his head & shouts i said CONES

cant think of anyone since Gascoigne, but that was ages ago

last world cup winner to play in the SPL?

only world cup winner to play in the league of Ireland?

  1. Gattuso?


Stephane Guivarch



Gordon Banks ,St Patricks athletic

Gordon Banks

Bobby Charlton , Waterford .
Geoff Hurst , Cork Celtic .

unfortunately not