Footix of the Day

Can’t say fairer than that

Although we’ve surely jumped the shark with the opening of a thread dedicated to a player following a win

@estebandaface won’t be beaten today with his Erling Braut Haaland goalscoring exploits log thread. He could well win Footix of the Year with that offering.

That thread will be updated a lot lads, get used to it.


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how about a thread dedicated to a manager

we’ve a wolf dressed as a lamb doing the adjudicating here

that’s footix of the decade type stuff there… a bit of discussion on football365 :smiley:

Drink it in fuckers

Some big dogs getting very upset here.

Embrace you inner footix lads.

Being called a footix is a term of endearment. Embrace the love all

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Dont be doxxing @dodgy_keeper

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“I’m a Man Utd maaaaan”


@estebandaface running around east cork topless celebrating City winning the league.


the footix doing forensic accounting about sponsorships

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Busy day of footixing to deflect away from chilling racism accusations @The_Selfish_Giant

@Aertel220 predicting how the big game will go will be hard to beat

That game in hand on the Abu Dhabi Blues will be crucial


@peddlerscross has it for today guy, his enjoyment of the champions league is dependent on the analysis of carragher & richards


He’ll be down the Ratoath Inn with the scarf and Carlsberg jersey on asking the bar man can he put on the CBS coverage for him.

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