Footix of the Day

I’d like to propose @The_Selfish_Giant as joint admin of this august thread.

Who are your nominations mate?

I nominate @Aertel220


Great thread

@Aertel220 for me too

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An honour to be proposed for this much vaunted accolade. I’d nominate @The_Selfish_Giant but with his adjudication it might be a conflict of interests for him so I’ll opt for @croppy_boy instead.

That cunt @The_Selfish_Giant doesn’t even support his local club.

No way he has a say.

Good shout about @croppy_boy in fairness

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Can the rules of a Footix be set please?

  1. Follow a team from a place you have no connection with cc @The_Selfish_Giant

Id say EPL glory hunters

It’d be like supporting a more successful team over your local team.

So like following Ireland’s most succesful team (Shamrock Rovers) over all the other clubs closer to Malahide.

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Usually soneone who love the drama and off field narratives associated with the EPL e.g. transfer budgets and potential manager sackings but wouldn’t have the nous to tactically analyse a game.


Anyone see Trent’s worldie at the weekend, what a cracker!

Lucky for me I had Haaland as triple captain on my FFT this week.

Keano just made absolute shite out of Carra on MNF earlier.

Announce Mbappe!!!

Say any of the above in a south county Dublin accent and you’ll have a fair idea.


Ideally they never played the game

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The forum will truly have healed the day @dodgy_keeper wins this

They played 5 aside in the full kit of the team they follow though.

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Will it be running in September too?

At home we call them ‘screamers’ named after the quintessential screamer in tracksuit bottoms and candy jersey who when asked the morning of the 96 cup final who did he fancy for first goal took a drag of his fag and replied ‘jamie redknapp, 30 yards, screamer’. Ya probably had to be there but the name stuck.

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Ringing in to Michael McMullan’s phone in show conferred instant footix status.

Saying ‘we’.

Themselves and the wife in Liverpool and united jerseys on social media and some caption like ‘hope she’s still talking to me later this evening’

Club crest Tattoo.

That little car sticker of a fella in a united jersey pissing on a Liverpool one or vice versa.

Asking the bar man to turn off the all Ireland semi final so they can watch the charity shield. #split season.

Calling the league of Ireland a pub league and being particularly dismissive of it

Caring passionately about how much a business in another country spent on outgoings and how it relates to the company’s overall balance sheet and arguing vehemently with their neighbour about this.



If you’re nominating someone you need to give examples of their footixary

The last dozen or so posts in the Graeme souness thread

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The footix are out early this morning @The_Selfish_Giant. All keen to get their hands on the coveted prize

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