Forklift Driver's Union

Signing in for the day…

Cc @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy @carryharry


Have you passed your forklift driver’s test?

Show me your ticket. :construction_worker_man:

A noble profession. :clap:

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About 16 years ago, yes.

No one dead, yet.

Us reach truck drivers look down on the standard forklift drivers, it’s a bit of craic but a 12 year old would manage it

Can this cunt ever comment on any thread without bigging himself up and demeaning someone else’s work or circumstances?

A very Cork like trait, I’ve noticed.


There’s a beauty in watching a skilled forklift operator zoom around the narrow aisles of a warehouse.

Shine on.

A very nasty operator.

That’s a lots of accusations made on the back of a light hearted comment directed at an old pal

I like to let other guys have a go off the reach… They deserve to feel important too.

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He gives the test.

Great to see all those years in Mary ai finally paid off pal. Princess must be so proud

No shame in an honest days graft.

None at all. I was being sincere

This is my second job pal… with princess’ biz taking a hit and me having over 20 holidays left for the year i took 17 Fridays in a row off to go warehousing and delivering furniture on weekends.


We do what we need to to support our family, it’s ingrained in us.

Go hard sweet prince of Oak.


Agreed, I’ve just had to download, sign, scan and email off another grant acceptance offer. A days work in itself.

You’re a beautiful man. Other fellas would climb further under the bed

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