Formula One

A1 GP - Ireland actually won the last season of it.

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Thats correct it was billed as a competitor to F1 but its more like xfl to nfl. It was a spec series also which meant all the teams had the same car with set up changes, strategy amd drivers. It was funded by a private equity fund and the financial crash put an end to it. I watched it at the start, wasnt great more like indy car road circuits than F1

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SuperMax destroyed Mercedes back in 2021. What a glorious day

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Horrible news he would want to piss off and retire for himself, the thought of him driving for Ferrari would sicken you.

Ferrari were always the team everyone enjoyed watching win regardless of who ypu backed. Hamilton is so unlikeable. My big question is how will Le Clerc react to this, Hamilton isnt coming in to be number 2


Leclerc can’t be too happy I’d imagine. There’s no way he will be pushed to the side though, Ferrari adore him.
Clearly Hamilton reckons (or knows) that Ferrari are well set for the new regulations IMO.

No i agree Le Clerc is a potential world champion, ferrari havent had the car to challenge, maybe the start of 2022 but they were a strategy circus.

Its bizzare if Hamilton and ferrari are looking at him for 2026 he’ll be 41. Will LeC go elsewhere?

I assume this will lead to Sainz foing to Saubar to be the number 1 driver for Audi in 2026, LeC signed a new contract last week

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I really hope Martin Brundle interviews Habulla on his grid walk today.

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Felipe Massa suing trying to get the 2008 title awarded to himself instead of Hamilton

Las Vegas has released a 40-page report breaking down the economic impact of last year’s Formula 1 race.

Here are the highlights:

• The total economic impact has been measured at $1.5 billion, including visitor spending of $884 million.

• The race generated $77 million in tax revenue — more than any other event in Las Vegas history.

• F1 spent $88 million on public infrastructure improvements (not including land acquisition, etc.).

• Race visitors spent 3.6x more than the typical Las Vegas traveler, staying 4.1 nights and spending over $4,100 on average.

• Local workers earned $52 million in wages

• The event created 7,300 jobs, including 2,200 for race-related construction projects and 5,100 for event operations.

• The Las Vegas Airport was the second busiest airport in the country the day after the race, with 2,200 operations.

Clark County says it was the largest sporting event, with the largest global audience, in Las Vegas history.

Safe to say F1 will be back for the foreseeable future!