Fr Todd unctuous on the run

Artistic temperament

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Know where he’s heading


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We’re all keeping a close eye for him up here.

I’m upping security on my Golden Cleric.

I have a Fr Todd Unctuous story. It was the mid noughties and I’d taken a summer Friday off along with some pals. Plan was to meet for early afternoon pints in town and to engage in some of the greatest horseplay of all time as the evening/night progressed.

We were sitting at a table outside The Duke enjoying the pints and the weather when Unctuous staggered up the street. He was absolutely steaming and was stumbling a bit and muttering to himself and then launching verbal abuse at randomers.

He spent a good 10-15 minutes wandering over and back and he gave us some abuse too at one stage. I think he called us cunts, which was fair enough. A couple of gardai arrived on the scene after a while and led him away. I concluded that he was one of these mad artsy types, but he was possibly just a man cursed by the demon drink. I wish him well.



I hope he is ok . He is a good actor


Something, something, hilarious father ted reference, etc

#downwiththissortofthing #carefulnow

The poor man is near rock bottom by the sounds of it

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Poor enough fare.