France v Rep of Ireland and then the USA

All you need to know about this evenings match

  1. It’s on
  2. 20:00 gmt kickoff
  3. Shown on RTÉ 2

Please feel free to add if/when more information becomes available

What sport is this?

Association football

RTE said Jeff Hendrick being out is a massive blow to Martin O’Neill. For a friendly game.



This will be a massacre. What odds McLean putting a French lad out for the world cup

Sweet Jesus well be slaughtered. Why play Walters FFS. A busted flush surely There’s a young lad he could fire in

Hopefully the French will be preoccupied with avoiding injury and play game at leisurely pace.

They’ll be preoccupied alright after McLean lumps someone up over the Eiffel tower

Ireland are muck. France not really arsed.

The standard of crossing in professional football is dreadful.

What’s with the French fans getting all excited.

A Ffs a joke

Another clown in goals

Oh dear.

A Karius impression

Deary me

Could get ugly