Frank Sinatra Centenary

Frank Sinatra was born 100 years ago on the 12th of December 1915. One of the greatest singers of all.


I read that quickly as Frank Sinatra Cemetery. I thought what a great name for a graveyard.

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The Best is yet to come

What was his story?
Was he heavily involved with the mob?

He hung around with them a bit. Probably a bit of mutual admiration.

Luck be a Lady ( a brilliant arrangement)

Kinda like Maradonna?

Yeah. Frankie never harmed a fly.

Only the lonely

Angel Eyes

A great oul’ neighbour of ours was much maligned in John McGahern’s novel / true life exposé “That they might face the Rising Sun”. Aside from beign an alright sort of gargantuan proportions, his main claim to personal fame was that he was born the same day as Frank Sinatra but was 2lbs. heavier…

Peter Woods, as long as your name is mentioned you’re never dead. This one is for you a chara… and by Christ you truly did it your way…



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A great song about the greatest place on earth.

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It was a very good year

UTV Ireland are running a decent series on his life, first time I watched anything on that channel.

Wonderfully used in the opening to series 3 (I think) of The Sopranos.

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