Franno loves SBW

Rugby Union Football is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. Combined with Islam it has saved Sonny’s life from the goldfish bowl of Sydney and Mungoball’s incorrigible culture.

I see your beloved SBW is in a bit of bother mate, covering up sponsors logos on his jersey over the weekend

He’s in no bother is He? I saw BNZ came out and said they didn’t have an issue with it which was reasonable

He’s an odd fish is SBW

Yea, apparently he has a “conscientious objection” clause relating to companies linked to products such as alcohol and tobacco. In this case it apparently relates to Islam’s objection to usury — earning high interest from loans.


He’s a rag head??

It would appear so


what a legend

a sound man

He’s a religious zealot - a fundamentalist - He should be locked up to prevent terrorism on that side of the world.

I don’t eat meat on a Friday due to being a Maoist Catholic . I don’t mind if others do though

Does that make me a zealot?


rot in hell

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He is! He is in Cork.


A nice post coming your way id say

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I’m in the South Cork riviera, mate … You’ll never know how the other half live tho so stick to posting horrid pot shots from your mud hut in County Limerick.

South Cork Riveria me hole. How is the view over to Mahon? It ain’t Cannes that’s for sure.

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The haves have always looked down on the have-nots - Rochestown is accurately positioned geographically, socially and historically. I was born to be a lord of the manor.

Not the first All Black to take a highly principled religious stand tbf