Free Drink this weekend

Mate of mine sent this on to me. Think he works for some promotions company or something. Not sure how useful it’ll be:

day date start end mech outlet address 1
FRI 29/08/2008 18:0020:00 Bud light MESSRS MAGUIRE 1 BURGH QUAY
FRI 29/08/2008 18:0020:00 Bud light MAC TORCAILLS OF HOGGEN GREEN 33 TARA STREET
FRI 29/08/2008 19:0021:00 Bud light KENNEDYS31 WESTLAND ROW
FRI 29/08/2008 21:0023:00 Smithwicks BRIODYS 97 MARLBORO STREET
FRI 29/08/2008 21:0023:00 Smithwicks HIDEOUT 123 CAMBELLS ROW, NTH CIRCULAR RD
SAT 30/08/2008 20:0022:00 Bud light DEERS HEAD 151 PARNELL STREET
SAT 30/08/2008 20:0022:00 Smithwicks SLATTERYS 129 CAPEL STREET
SAT 30/08/2008 21:0023:00 Bud light BRANNIGAN’S 9 CATHEDRAL STREET
SAT 30/08/2008 21:0023:00 Smithwicks JACK NEALONS 165/166 CAPEL STREET

Sampled some of the free bud light in Messrs. Cracking little yank was doing the promotion, if she was offering the water used to clean bandage’s crack i would’ve drank it.