Free Kick Privileges

Hi guys,

This message is particularly addressed to Bandage and Rocko who have stripped me of my personal messaging priviliges for reasons which are beyond me.

Will you consider reinstating these privilges?

Is there any actions from me which would help the process along?

Do any other forum members agree that i should have these privileges - its my basic right! “Democracy is what makes America great”

sounds terrible what they are doing to you. it reminds me of the oppressive regime that ruled in my own country.

let him send pm’s is what i say anyway, i must tell dustin the muslim about this as i dont think he will want to join this website now

Hey bandage,

you are a D4 wannabe, numpty fook. give me back my pm’s or i will start a campaign to boycot tfk and go to f365.

I told my son, Binju (ju is for junior) about this and he was shocked

F365 needs someone like you Ball! Come back with the poetry but stay away with the shiiiite.

Hey rock,

i see you are back. any update? i think a reply would be polite…

You sent way too many abusive PMs to people you don’t know.

True. Sincere apologies, i would just like to have my pm privileges back. I know we dont always agree but i am a frequent contributor to the website.

Go on Rock, show a brother some forgiveness?

(whats the worst that happens, i send another one and you stop them for good…)

are ye going for a pint?

I’ll reinstate them now - send all the abusive/funny ones you want to the guys you know but leave the other people out of it.

Fair play lad,



It’d be well worth any new member’s while to have a look at Ball Ox’s posting history - [[searchInKey]=&userMode=content"][forums][searchInKey]=&userMode=content]([forums)

Bring back talking balls


some good sense been talked here as well