Freeloading gga bastards

A €30-million redevelopment plan for a state-of-the-art stadium in Cork will be voted on by city councillors today.

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Supporters of the proposed project include Cork GAA legend Jimmy Barry Murphy and Cork senior hurling captain KieranMurphy.

The vote comes after months of discussion between the Cork County Board and Cork City Hall on the future of 25 acres of land purchased by the council from Munster Agricultural Society.

Additional lands are vital to the redevelopment of Páirc Uí Chaoimh, which will include the establishment of a centre of excellence and the construction of a two-tier stand. The redevelopment of the stadium on the existing site will see the capacity of the ground increased from 43,000 to 50,000 for matches.

Cork City Council and Cork County GAA board have had differences over how to redevelop the stadium, with the county board requesting more acres of land to develop the stadium than the local authority hope to allocate.

The board has asked the council for 6.82 acres for the re-development project.

However, city manager Joe Gavin reportedly wants to give the GAA the two acres needed to upgrade the stadium without the centre of excellence. The land has been set aside for a public park under the docklands development project.
It is believed Mr Gavin fears releasing more land would affect the council’s own docklands development, a project which would see hotels, apartments, offices and roads constructed close by.

Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Dara Murphy, is one of the supporters of the project. He said he believes in being be “bold” and “brave” and have confidence in institutions like the GAA that have served this country so well through generations.

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Hasn’t this already been passed today NCC? The GAA run Cork City Council so it was a fait accompli. 126 years of infiltration pays off in the end, the soccer mob should try it some time.

ffs- even worse-

GGA needs newer bigger stadiums.
They better build a few walls as well, I believe a shortage of them was highlighted in a recent report.

Apart from rock concerts etc what does Cork GAA need with a 50k capacity stadium. Villa Park has a 42K capacity FFS and is fully seated and comfortable all the way around the pitch.

Facilities that justify them getting big fixtures that really should be played in Thurles.

Personally I think municipal stadiums are the way forward.

The current policy is fairly demented anyway. The only reasonable argument in favour of these developments is on the basis of games presentation. The money would be better spent on games promotion but I suppose you can’t put a big shiny plaque on that.

I agree with you in theory but with the pitch dimensions of a GAA field being far greater than that of a soccer/rugby field then the atmosphere will be shite in these stadia for soccer/rugby, just like Croke Park was

Villa :lol:

Atmosphere is muck for rugby anyway. Did I ever tell ya about the time I went to the Beer Cup final in Cardiff?