Friday Fashion Thread aka The blind leading the blind

I bought a great coat from there on a sale a few years ago after one of the resident fashionistas recommended it. Great price too.

@Fagan_ODowd annoyed they don’t sell Carter USM T-shirts or bomber jackets


I got a Canali suit there years ago at an exorbitant price, the most I have ever paid for an item of clothing and it was pure shite. Never again. An epic mugging off.

One of the greatest myths perpetuated by the Dubs. Shite quality for a 30% premium. Make life difficult when you come back with anything. Unless you’re Keet Duffy.

Up there with the warped notion that Mulligan’s has nice pints of Guinness.


I have a pair. Good then a few years ago.
Fairly mint condition still.

I had the littbarski ones.

Then I got some Nike ones with a red swoosh. (Must look them up. They used to be always advertised in Roy or the Rover and shoot along side a pair with a yellow swoosh).

I had new balance because of Bryan Robson.
I had Diadora Van Bastens with an orange and white logo.

Some Patrick boots too.
Some lotto boots as well.

I used to get the Patrick runners too as I could wear them to school instead of shoes.

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Brown Thomas
Magee - South Anne street

Hugo Boss on Grafton Street
James Herren - Dawson street


Magee on Anne street or Abraham’s

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I found of every item I ever bought over the years a Hugo Boss suit was the king of them all. Great quality and worth the money


A noble suit

Only place I went to. Got a grand rig out


I’d say it’s a smashing rig out.
You’ll be looking pure fancy.

A right dapper dan

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Like a yank


@TheUlteriorMotive I’m going foreign soon & need to buy a shoe, socks (to wear with shorts but not to be visible, you know the type but they can’t be white sports brandy) & also some sober polo shirts to complete my ensemble. I’ve got ample amounts of training shorts & T-shirts to wear during the day. These upcoming purchases will be my outfits to wear to dinner & post dinner entertainment. FYI, I’ve taken to wearing Magee chinos, shirts & jumpers to functions & meetings lately. So I’d be using that as a starting point rather than these brands favoured by younger men. I don’t particularly want to spend much money on these purchases either. I’ve a few errands to run now but will be back online around 8.30pm ready to purchase. Please have recommendations with supporting screenshots & links to purchase posted by then. Thank you very much. Oh, I also want a cheap & cheerful sunglasses recommendation. I stood on mine & broke them in September 2021 & went through last summer without a pair.

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I’m just in from the mini All Ireland’s so I’m just seeing this now

Polo shirts - Uniqlo

Low cut socks Uniqlo

A Levi’s denim short

Asket chino shorts

A white runner is better than a shoe

Add a plain white and plain black t shirt from cos


This is a terrific personal shopping service you’re providing. Thank you.


A wide brimmed hat

I forgot the sunglasses

You’re an awful WUM