Friday Night 80s



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Just after realising my embarrassing error in the thread title, I guess I'll have to take it on the chin.



In my opinion Steve Winwood was the defining artist of the 80s, here he is with his smash hit "Higher Love".


Great thread Totti.


From one of my favourite albums. Pelican West by Haircut 100. This is Love plus one.


Huey Lewis & The News : The Power Of Love clap


Huey Lewis and the News found success with 1986 hit "Hip to Be Square". The song would also become renowned for its use in 90's cult film "American Pyscho".


Def in the top 10 songs of the 80s. Upbeat, stylish and a thick vein of passion.





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A remix, but cool though.....



Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way

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Good call. I'll just post one more and the thread shall remain locked until next Friday.


Sorry I missed this last night. Keep it for Fridays or else Carryharry will be on posting the Bangles in a few minutes.


great idea