Friday night madness

Following on from the success that was had the last two friday nights in Wolverhampton a dedicated thread has been set up for my Wolverhampton selections…

17.10 Royal Acclamation e.w

17.40 Flowing Cape e.w

18.10 Spic n span e.w

18.40 Magnitude

19.10 Formidable Guest (nap)

19.40 taboor e.w

20.10 Monte Major

20.40 Muwella

outrageous scenes

:clap: :clap: :barcasmile: :pint:

second at 13/2 :cool:

I can see this being a total and utter flop…

that’s what she said :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be watching this with interest…

After firing these 5 into an ew canadian. my weekends drinking is riding on this Puke

superb… B)

All gone down the swanny. Congratulations you may have cost someone thousands of €€€’s tonight if they followed your selections…

oh dear :frowning:

Champion Boy in the next at Down Royal


Wasn’t too eager to go in the stalls and the saddle slipped forward in the early stages hampering the jockey, in spite of this finished third :frowning: …If only

thanks for getting this thread going again.
we had a great aould run last year on the back end of the flat season in Dundalk on those friday nights from sept - nov when the same plodders were out week on week and also on the friday night card in wolves tiill Meydan started in feburary i remember.

ill make a concentrated effort agian to have us in profit for xmas on the friday nights… the season is only beginning here.

Hopefully Kevin ryan will help us out again pretty soon, there is a lsited event coming uo in Dundalk soon enough, last year he sent a lot of decent horses ( arganil / bajan tryst for ex…) over to DK in the winter so all his entries in ireland should be taken very seriosuly this time of year…

BRING IT>>>>>> :pint: :pint: :pint: