Friday Pints

Haven’t done these in a while so anyone on for it?

I will be in the Hrbourmaster from around half 5 but will be moving onwards after

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:

I may trek to the harby today, off work at 3
:drink: :smoke: :drink: :smoke: :drink: :smoke: :drink: :smoke:

Where are you moving onwards to? I’m probably around for a few anyway.

Not sure but wouldn’t mind a Kehoe’s or somewhere like that. I’ll keep in touch via SMS and I suggest you do likewise

:drink: HINTS :drink:

None that I know of Raven. Come up to Kehoe’s and meet the lads.

Ah Raven ??? ??? ???

Where does our relationship stand now? We seemed to be getting on great a while ago but then you went all Raven on me

:-* :-* :-*

Trinity is a class place for sunshine drinks

Take it easy Flano

The notion of us drinking on a cricket pitch won’t go down well on this forum

Actually Clarkey has returned and is strongly lobbying for the Pavillion because, in his words, ‘the juniors are going there’

‘Reasoned’ and ‘Raven’ doesn’t go togther in the same sentence


Didn’t realise you were such a wimp. I’ll try and be more sensitive in future

I never thought I’d see farmer and raven flirting with each other.

But I have.