Friday Poll

May the best man win.

Can we have a third option?


No. It’s a duel.

I’m a soft cunt but I reckon I could take him :guns:

Fitzy’s lack of depth perception would count against him, although he would surely be able to land a few haymakers into Mac’s big nose. A tough one to call

Once Mac stayed on the side of Fitz’s dead eye he should be able to pick off a few haymakers.
But in true Aussie spirit I’m sure Fitzy will fight to the very end.

Boozy Mac will no doubt come tooled up with his valued international beer bottles ready for use. The verbal jousting between these two could be what decides it, Fitzy a proud Aussie may have have his much-dreaded temper trigger by taunts about his shit settlement. Mac, on the other hand will smash a bottle across your head if you dare to question the integrity of bookmakers.

Is Fitzy allowed use the tools from his hardware store in Clonmel?

Who voted for: Boozy Mac

Mac[/url], [url="…/…/index.php?/user/1742-mr-totti/"]Mr. Totti[/url], [url="…/…/index.php?/user/824-the-runt/"]The Runt[/url], [url="…/…/index.php?/user/811-chocolatemice/"]ChocolateMice

Yet the score only registers 3 :strokechin:

Sorry Mac, I think your focus on running and cycling training will be trumped from what Fitzy learned off the gypsies in Bunclody.

Why aren’t the votes tallying with the running total?

This needs to be answered.


Presume your own vote doesn’t count in a poll you set up yourself maybe?


This could have serious ramifications for every poll conducted for COTY etc if Bandages votes were not counted.

This wouldn’t have happened if Rocko bought Irish software :shakefist:


There have been numerous polls won by a single vote.

Rocko needs to launch an investigation into this pronto.

I wonder if people voted and subsequently deleted their vote. Could this be the issue?

There is no option to delete your vote though :strokechin:

It must only be an option for me, Rocko and Dunph so.