[Frontpage] Allianz Gaa Hurling National League - Round 3


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So here we are. The league schedule almost at the half way stage, so what have learned?

Well, the traditional Cork welcome as extended to Kilkenny at the weekend was of the Beal na mBlath 1922 vintage. As fiery an encounter as we are likely to see for the rest of the campaign, and with it came Kilkenny’s second consecutive defeat. One wonders what this means for the Dubs in Parnell Park next week.

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I’m wondering what mumming wtb is up to with that synopsis of the Cork-Killkenny game. Did he even watch it? Comparing it to Beal Na Blath?

It was fairly intense, and at times uncomprimising, but i wouldn’t be getting carried away, and to suggest it was of Corks doing alone is to totally ignore the facts.

Told ye that shit that Daly tried would only work the once-going to be hard for him to motivate the Dubs in the same way again. They need leaders on the pitch more than off it.

Big time. Unfortunately guys are born that way, or in this case they are not. galway have had similar problems. Compare to Wexford in '96 and Clare throughout the 90’s (don’t take insult now lads, i admire this) but they had more leaders than hulers at times, but thats what they needed to win.