[Frontpage] Celtic Humiliated in Braga

Celtic kicked off the permanent reign of Neil Lennon with a miserable performance away at Braga in the Champions League third qualifying round. It was a display that betrayed the many weaknesses in the Celtic squad and did nothing to suggest last year’s nadir has been left behind. Read more…

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Scott Brown has blinded more than those who you have mentioned in the article. You used rate him highly at one point :lol:

Neil Lennon wouldnt have been considered for any job in the top two tiers of English football. The players in that side are incredibly poor aswell. If Spartak Moscow offer anything north of 5m for McGeady they should take their hand off. Use money to buy Westwood, Andrews (is a better thumper than Brown), Kelly and Cunningham on loan. All those signings are achievable, within budget and would improve the side. Kilgallon is probably available aswell.

Are these Irish players? Do you want their development to be stunted altogether?
Any young player with an ounce of sense would give Celtic and the sco’ish league a very wide berth.

Indeed that is true but Cunningham is only a young player - City have just signed a new left back and it might be good for him to set some first team football experience. Kelly is in and out of the side at Fulham but is better than the World Cup lucky dip player they signed. Would prefer for Westwood to be playing competitive football than be a no.2 in the EPL. Debatable whether GCGC would give him more exposure tha CCFC I suppose. Andrews is in and out of the Blackburn side but would be a regular at Parkhead.