[Frontpage]Celtic v Rangers Player Ratings

A miserable performance from Celtic who were out-thought and out-fought in the first Glasgow derby of the season. Both teams approached the game with some serious momentum but despite taking a first half lead Celtic capitulated when the challenge was laid down by Rangers and deserved nothing more than the zero points they collected.


Forster - 4 Dealt capably with some relatively straightforward early efforts from Rangers and looked composed while Majstorovic was dominating in front of him. The second half was a different matter as he failed to deal with backpasses and looked panicked by any sort of pressure. Suspicion on the first goal that he was neither commanding of his area or of his goalline.

Wilson - 2 A hapless performance that was much more reminiscent of his recent efforts than last week’s display in Dundee. Wilson was wasteful with the ball, slow in getting forward, slower in retreating and provided no positive contributions in an attacking or defensive sense.

Majstorovic - 4.5 The big Swede was aerially dominant in the first half and was one of the few who looked prepared to try and pass the ball, rather than play for territory. Most of this confidence was quickly eroded after the interval and he looked uncertain under pressure and was far from convincing in his efforts to clear his line. Had a role in all three goals and while not directly or solely culpable this was a disappointing derby debut.

Loovens - 2 The latest in a long line of horrible performances against Rangers. Loovens is regularly bullied by strikers half his size. He is inept in possession and seemingly afraid of getting on the ball. Constantly launched long balls forward, ignoring the more talented and better placed Ki in front of him. An embarrassment to be frank.

Izaguirre - 5 Slow to settle as the occasion seemed to unnerve him early on. Persevered and showed good energy in supporting attacks while keeping an eye on Naismith at the other end. Needs to work on getting effective crosses into the box with more regularity.

Ki - 5 Not a physically strong central midfielder but he’s not as weak as he was and is at least prepared to get involved in battles, even if not always successful. Doesn’t seem well used in the current system and needs to work on taking more responsibility with the ball. There’s merit in avoiding contact and passing the ball into space but Ki has to move forward with the ball more himself in order to be more threatening.

Ledley - 4.25 Reasonably composed on the ball but simply not involved enough. Seemingly under instruction to play the same role as last week without advancing forward as often but that just restricted his impact and left him isolated.

Juarez - 5 Energetic and somewhat effective effort from the Mezican international. Like others looked unsure of his role in the first half when he was introduced but switched to the right hand side for most of the second half and showed well for the ball. Worked a couple of little triangles with Ki and Hooper but was a bit exposed by Wilson behind him who offered nothing more than a decoy threat at best.

Stokes - 3 Receives more marks than Wilson and Loovens because he seemed to try more and at least looked like he could conceivably well well on another day if things broke for him. Appalling in possession though and confidence deserted him long before he was replaced. Not a right winger on this evidence and would be much more of a threat around the box, or at least cutting in onto his right foot.

Samaras - 4 Put in a decent shift in terms of effort and actually took a few difficult passes in his stride really well in the second half. But every single time he managed that he subsequently gave it away. Positive marks are for being involved and at least taking them on but the real story is that he didn’t make a pass of note all day and had maybe one shot in the entire game. Not the answer I’m afraid.

Hooper - 5.5 Took his goal well as you’d expect from a striker in form. Not really involved in general play but couldn’t really abandon his position up front with Samaras and Stokes playing wide. Showed good strength a number of times and was unfortunate to be penalised a number of times for outmuscling defenders. Promising more than effective however.

McCourt - 1 Nowhere near the standard required when he came on.

  • Ratings were compiled as a composite average of marks awarded by TFK staff writers Rocko and Bandage.

Did you forget to do the other team’s ratings.

I see Lennon’s again on with his big conspiracy bullshit. The delusional clown is certaintly at the right club anyway.

holy fcuk, when you actually read down through those names you realise what a bunch of shite they actually have playing for them these days

is stokes the lad keane flung out of sunderland cos he couldn’t get himself out of bed in time for training?

Hmm bullshit artist comments on a game he didn’t watch again despite shouting from the rooftops about how he has no interest in the match. Could it be that someone is feeling a little left out because he’s not getting much attention these days?

yes I didnt watch the game that is why I asked how did the glasgow rangers players rate. more interested in how steven davis did than the rest. would also have been interesting to see if ye could be balanced in assessing the merits of the opposition who seem to have been far superior.

kenny miller must have loved going back to his former club and scoring against the bigots that abused him during his own playing days there. walter smith doing a very good job at Ibrox it must be said.

Any particular reason you felt able to comment on it so?

Actually don’t bother responding to that. You’ve no interest in Celtic. I’ve never seen you post on a thread about the Bristol derby so it just looks like you’re nursing an unfulfilled obsession when you post on these threads.

If you want player ratings for the huns I suggest you watch the match back in a few weeks (or just claim to do so like an idiot) and post them up here yourself.

I have an interest in football granted this was lower level stuff but Stokes was playing yesterday and Ive always kept an eye on Steven Davis too. The purpose of an internet forum is for people to put up comments I would think, I wouldnt have a huge interest in a lot of threads here but its no harm to provoke a bit of debate and stuff too. Sure if TFK was made up solely of GCFC followers who worked in KPMG it might get a bit boring… Was also wondering if you or any of the fake nationalists would be capable of analysing where the opposition were superior, which of their players did well. they came to their sole rivals home patch and beat them pretty handy. Thought you might be magnaminous. Oh well

P.S. Didnt record the game so wont get around to watching it later. Did you leave the ground early with the hordes of the ‘best followers in Europe’ to beat the traffic?

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You can of course reply on whatever threads you wish to honey. Just try not to post so much on the threads you have no interest in. It makes you look rather foolish and needy.

I’m not taking any offense personal or otherwise. So no need to apologise. Of course at this stage, noone is fooled by your act to resort to pettiness when not getting your way. We have already had the lovely terms of endearment, next you will be reaching out to one of your old apprentices etc etc. To be fair, I’m only trying to improve you as a football pundit. A failure to be able to analyze the weaknesses of your own side nor the appreciate the strengths of the superior opposition has held you back in a big way. I’m afraid the TFK Astro team will never be able to make the next step with you at the helm