[Frontpage] England v Wales Preview

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And so Martin Johnson spins the roulette wheel once more and hopes for the best. This time it’s Matthew Tait’s turn to try add some creativity to an England midfield short on ideas and, well, balls out talent. Many would say not even Simon Cowell could add an X-Factor to the talent available to Johnson at the moment, and perhaps they could be right. Either way, all eyes will be on Tait this weekend as he attempts to fulfil the promise heaped on his shoulders since a young age.

Jonny faces into another 6 Nations campaign with his hand on the rudder, whether he finishes with it there is another matter entirely. The switch to France seems to have reinvigorated his form and more importantly his fitness, England need it to stay this way if they have any hope, for lest we forget, Charlie Hodgson is the form outhalf in England at the moment (stop sniggering at the back).

Up front the propping crisis goes on and it’s an English front row which won’t hold much fear for their Welsh counterparts. Tim Payne retains the tight head jersey despite not going through the best of form lately, and this will surely be somewhere the Welsh will hope to gain some purchase. Armitage, Monye and Cueto will be tasked with delivering the tries that were so badly lacking in the Autumn series, time will tell.

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