Fuck You, Leinster Rugby Football Supporters

These Johnny Come Lately gimps have been driving up the flight prices to Glasgow and Edinburgh next weekend ahead of the climax to the SPL season. It looked very likely at one stage that us Celtic supporters would be priced out of attending our final, and possibly/probably most important, game of the season because of these fools. However, I’m thrilled to announce that, in my guise as TFKCSC Chairman, I’ve just finalised negotiations with our counterparts in Naomh Pdraig CSC and Citijet and we will be chartering our own plane for the potentially decisive game against Hearts next weekend. Hail hail.

NP = scumbag Rovers pigs

Super stuff Bandage. What’s the cost? Is it all confirmed this time?

Salt of the earth and thorough gentlemen from my dealings with them thus far.

Aer Arann, the bastards, have turned their backs on the Celtic supporters who’ve chartered planes from them all season as they instead see an opportunity to cream money from corporate heads looking to attend the rugby football.

However, this setback merely served to strengthen our resolve and Citijet have come up trumps after we redoubled our efforts. They fly into Glasgow International rather than Prestwick so it actually works out better for us and we’ll look to forge a relationship with them for games next season also.

We’ve booked the plane and laid down the deposit but we’re still haggling over final price. We don’t want to settle for something that’s pretty substantial, even though they realise we’re desperate to get over for the final game of the season, as there’s the danger that price will set a precedent for all games next season.

I’m hopeful that it will be no more than 170 per person for the return flights and coach transfers to Celtic Park from the airport and back.

a great smattering of Rovers fans in NP- the 2 founders are big hoops

I know them well NCC and I know what they’re about. Chancers. Once Bandage doesn’t ask them about anything like a licence (which technically you need in order to charter flights to Glasgow, not to mention Liverpool & Manchester & Rome, which I wouldn’t have thought would be NP’s domain) everything should be OK.

they have done it regulary enough before & im sure the airline would lead them in the right direction

This is hilarious from bandage. Thrown off by his beloved Leinster.:stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck Leinster, caoimhaoin. Fuck Leinster.