Funny Videos Thread

Always thought these were hilarious on Soccer AM


I wanna dance with you Frank Rijkaard

“Goooooaaaal! I can’t believe it’s not butter” :smiley:

Found another one


Peep peep penalty

I feel like chicken tonight Frank Rijkaard

It’s a crying shame that soccer am has gone to shite…Used to be an excellent show…found another few classics off it



Tears running down my face with laughter watching them

The Family Guy take on the Christian Bale rant.


Classic Batman here. I never realised how stupid it was back in the day.


Shark Repellent Bat Spray FFS

This video is fucking brilliant. Sleepwalking dog.


23 seconds in - his first gaff


That’s gas. I found this reaction in the LA Times

Reporting from Chicago – When she met Barack Obama two years ago, Caitlin Cox proudly wore the two bronze medals she had won at the Special Olympics. The then-Illinois senator grinned as she showed him pictures of her signature bubble-gum-pink bowling ball and posed for photographs with her.

Cox, who has Down syndrome, excitedly recalls that meeting each time she sees Obama’s photo on a magazine cover or hears him mentioned on TV. Her ears perked up again Friday morning as her parents discussed the president at breakfast.

Her mother, Suzanne Thompson, told her that Obama had made a joke about the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” on Thursday and that it might have hurt a lot of people. Cox, 21, dropped her head on the table and, after a brief silence, said the news made her sad.

Thompson tried to console her daughter, telling her sometimes people do disappointing things.

But as a mother and special education teacher, Thompson said, internally she was crushed by the president’s insensitivity. She knows how destructive such stereotypes can be, and it infuriated her that an organization dedicated to empowering millions of people with developmental disabilities would be reduced to a late-night punch line.

“My heart just sank,” she said. “To have the president make a comment like that when we’re working so hard to change hearts and minds is just devastating.”

While appearing on “The Tonight Show” to tout his economic plan, Obama – who famously rolled a gutter ball while trying to woo primary voters last year – told Leno that he had been practicing in the White House bowling alley and recently scored an unimpressive 129.

“It’s like – it was like Special Olympics or something,” the president said, prompting laughter from the audience.

Ha ha ha. Idiots.

Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield’s spoof of Dragons Den


The genius that was Tommy Cooper: SPOONJARJARSPOON




A couple of classic Apres match clips from 2002…Yourman is excellent at doing Frank Stapleton


Take me pack!


Apres Match are superb at times. This is my favourite clip of them all - doing the Northern Ireland sports news.


I think there’s been a rape up there!!


[quote=“farmerinthecity”]I think there’s been a rape up there!![/QUOTE]

thats one of the funniest episodes,when he brings in the guitar is fookin hilarious,the american office isnt a patch on the british one

When you get into the American Office it’s excellent. Not as instantly enjoyable as the British one but it’s still a cracking show.

That’s a quality clip above though.

I would concur with Rock here.

I resisted the UK Office for a while after only seeing a few episodes. I then got a lend of the first season DVD during study leave and I thought it was utterly brilliant. Then the second series and Christmas Specials were equally as good. A superb comedy show.

Steve Carrell is excellent in the US Office, as he is in most things. Not as good as the UK one (huge ask) but a very good show in its own right.

Classic Athlone."

Yours in “why you you like riding hippos”,

Harry Enfield and Chums- Scousers visit that London


Scousers on holiday


Alrite Alrite, Calm Down!