Funny Videos Thread


I’ll start with this.





John Redwood was Secretary for State for Wales during this.




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some great selections there farmer.



This is an all-time classic! No doubt you all have seen it before.





Literally in tears laughing at the rap battle. Fooking tremendous.






Gay Byrne’s Bill Grundy and the Sex Pistols moment - coincidentally the band insulted Malcolm McLaren who was on the show that night.


Posted this before I’m sure but Doug Stanhope’s two headed baby routine is class.



BBC Reporter loses it with Scientology bloke. Notice the way the tone of his voice suddenly changes throughout the rant.





This bloke does great impressions of Benitez, Gerrard, Carragher, Owen and Crouch.

Gerrard particularly - check it out.



I think these are deadly.

Give up yer auld sins.

Birth of John the Baptist (drawing of him looks like Chris de Burgh!)



Story of Lazarus



Making the Blind See



Death of Jesus




Posted this before

Serge Gainsbourg and Whitney Houston



The double life of Russian footballers - turns out Arsenal have signed a loan shark…


Not a video but an audio of Christian Bale going nuts on the film set, at some lad who distracted him.

Bale goes Baloobas


David Moyes’ Silent Treatment

This is funny enough. The usual run of the mill Friday press conference is trundling along for the first two and a half minutes and then someone asks Moyes about his row with Anichebe and he goes dumb and ignores the rest of the questions.