Further Things That Are Wrong

Pretty vile stuff alright.


A woofter?

You’re half right

A woof.

Is that Fagans dog?

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Be the hokey.

hes a huddersfield fan. says he always had a soft spot for the terriers

Monaghan fans know just how the dog feels

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Ah jesus. Has he been doing a Limerick on some madra bocht?

*The cafetiere exploded yesterday.

Don’t worry about it, the 1970s have been and gone

The get up of young ones at teenage discos.

One seems to be going on at the moment in my local town and all the young ones are dressed like a six year old at a traveller’s christening.

Seems to be the norm these days. When did that happen?

Circa 2000 bud.

That must be about right. When I was that age (mid to late 90s) at the discos girls wore jumpers.

And as my great friend bemoaned “and you’d be scrubbing round til four in the morning trying to get a rub of a tit”


What age was he at the time?

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When he said it or when he was scrubbing around?

Never mind mate.