Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 1)

It begins again.

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Is she in the news again today Selling her wares?

She’s doing a show about Martin Luther King, you couldn’t make it up.

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In the Mirror as well today.



Great news…Hopefully she gets upgraded soon enough.

Yep they are going to build her her own house out beside her bessie mate Miriam.

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Thank god. Hopefully she will get a house in the exact postal code she wants. For free. Everybody is entitled to live where they want to live. For free.

Great country etc etc…

You just can’t win these days.

Lads complaining about GGA teams being petrified to do any interviews on the one hand.

And then losing their shit when young Margaret does a bit of press.


Not just a house, a forever house. One that’s hers , for life. She deserves it.

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The less confident guys feel threatened by her.


Give it 6 weeks and she’ll be back in a caravan with the HAP paid for apartment sublet out.

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She’d be a dream to live beside alright. A family you’d feel confident moving in beside your elderly parents.

My fear is that she will feel pressurized into taking accommodation that doesn’t meet her needs or suit her geographically . Hope she has the steel to hold out for something practical, uprooting to ifsc seems a huge sacrifice to make


Bobby Madley

Them rumours are hardly true?

If they are…