Further Things That Are Wrong


Was that you?




They have been arrested now.
Yeah it’s offensive and in bad taste but the UK have become obsessed with criminalising poor humor and judgment while turning a blind eye to common or garden crime.


This is absolutely the truth. Excellent point.



Obviously not the worst thing about this case, but this fucking tie.


Where’s his poppy?


Whatever about the second point I have no problem with these absolute cunts seeing consequences


Agreed. You’d probably be beating the shite out of someone rather than just winding them up.

Possibly more satisfying too, just make sure not to say anything while doing it so you’re not accused of a “hate” crime


Hard to know what crime they can be charged with. Its fundamentally creepy if they can be charged with anything tbh. Might as well arrest the makers of Saw


Edgy alert


They’re a bunch of horrible fucktards.Why are the cops not arresting the pikeys for GBH for every video that goes up each week.


Oh they are. But prosecuting this as a crime??


even Cressida dick, who is a poster girl for the equality mob says


I’d be as extreme a free-speech believer as anyone here. I thought there was a bit of a racist edge to it, the way they had all the little black people burning up in the windows. I thought it was like they were laughing at all the blacks burning up. That might explain why the wives thought it was funny too, if they were a neo-nazi group.

Obviously these laws against generic “offensive” behaviour are just complete wank. The way to deal with these lads would be to name and shame them.


I’m. Waiting for the plane here, and there’s a bunch of cunts in one corner all dressed in some sort of “adventure race finisher” type clobber swaggering round, chests out in the classic barrel under each arm posture. Surfers also I’d say. They look utterly stupid. Meanwhile a rugby league legend is sitting quietly in the corner minding his own business.
Anyone wearing a finishers tee shirt is either too skint to afford something else, which is fine, or a deeply insecure flute.


PS as a starter for 10


you tough mudder finishers t-shirt is your favourite possession


That’s because no one recognises the ‘legend’.


James McCarthy?