Further Things That Are Wrong


The landlocked Laois seethe is beautiful to behold.


650K to set up a surfing COE in Strandhill :smile:

There’s people homeless mate, why don’t you care about them?


If they paid their contributions to their local councillor like everyone else then they wouldn’t be homeless.


WTF? If the roles were reversed there he would surely have gotten 3 or 4 years ?


I dont think there are mamy cases of 9 year olds abusing 21 year olds


You’re being facetious mate


The lad with a reputation for trafficking women making light of sexual abuse. You’re bringing Fingal into disrepute mate.


Eh, your best mate is a convicted peeping tom who was stalking sharon ni bhealoin


The lad from @funtime’s neck of the woods? It’s a bit mad that you’ve downgraded being done for paedophilic images to ‘peeping tom’.


Tailgating yet again, women never learn.


quit defending your sick mate


We should buy the homeless surf boards. They already have the surfer look down


Update on this, They came back and said it was acutally 80%, not 40%, of the overall cost of the show to cancel :slight_smile:

I argued them back to 20% which, coincidentally, was the exact amount I was able to account foe in my budget.

We were doing the same with another crowd and they just let us transfer the event to 2019 for no charge.


You should wait until Brexit kicks in. You’ll be able to barter them a couple of sheep and a pig.


The Late Late Toy Show and the fucking hysteria and build up to it.

It’s a fucking three hour commercial for toys stuffed with the worst kind of cunts presented by the worst kind of cunt.



The “build up” is tiresome these days. It’s less about the children and more about adult gimps going on about it for weeks on social media.

Ba(h) humbug!


so in the end, you still ended up paying them a cancellation fee?


Exhibit A


Tubridy is brutal with the children. The cunt.

He is kind of condescending to them while trying to get a laugh.

Some of the hardier little kids you can tell would love to give him a clatter of whatever toy they are demonstrating but are on the best behaviour for fear of death by Mammy


Presenter of TV show in promoting his own show shocker.