Further Things That Are Wrong


Fucking hell.


Coming to TFK for marriage advice :grinning:


You’re getting very upset by Twitter. Would you consider staying off it for a day or two?


Christ, no. I go into battle every single fucking day on Twitter.


We have experts here for everything.


Here will you send me the dm for the iptv some time.


You’re a mighty little maneen.



I haven’t had one in a long time but it came back with a vengeance today.

A pounding headache above my eyes with a sick feeling in my stomach.

Took to the bed earlier out of desperation and slept a bit. Feeling much better now but the stomach is still tender.

Out with the in laws later but it will be tame enough thankfully.


Did you stray away from the Guinness?


No. But I drank a heap of them.


You’ll have to stop reading the Observer as you scoff some well earned pints.
It’s the mix of whether you’re happy or sad at your current location that’s playing havoc with your metabolism. There’s fuck all on the paper that won’t keep till Saturday morning anyway.

But there again once you establish a little tradition it’s hard to change.


I don’t understand why people put themselves through it anymore to feel like that.
I stopped getting hammered years ago and rarely drink now. Can’t be wasting a day in the cot.


A mugs game.


The amount of 16 year old knackers hanging around the menswear section in Brown Thomas is shocking. They love their Canada Goose / (Geese?).


did you get savage paranoia aswell?


Not really. But woke up with my heart beating and generally agitated.

That went quickly enough though.


The paranoia usually settles in two or three days after a session.


Farmer is seasoned enough I’d say. Would rake a few gallons more


7 up mojito.

What an absolute vile concoction. Picked it up by mistake in a hurry while ago.


Since you returned you have added Zero to the place. Wtf is wrong with you?