Further Things That Are Wrong


You did the right thing, mate. Bed the only remedy for those symptoms.


It was either that or the cure.

I tried a bottle of beer and felt twice as bad.


Sleep & a fry ( grill ) the only viable solution. You must of got a dodgy one served up though, unlike you to be too shook.


It was the volume mate. I had about 12 I’d say.


You’d an awful “ Swallow “ on ya as a good man I know says.


It’s never an exact number once you go beyond 8. It’s anyone’s business how many more youd have


Have you been stirring @hbv’s porridge?


Yes. But for some reason I could keep track last night. Usually I would lose count completely.


It’s not my mission to be a WUM


Holy Jesus but that’s but 1 and a half gallons.

I have a great true story of astronical house drinking of a Christmas Day years ago involving two of the soundest bachelor’s of all time.

I’ll post it after dinner / winner St. Stephen’s Day.


About 12? Were you drinking in 12 different establishments by any chance? You deserve all you get @farmerinthecity


I’d have thought a chap who does as much training for drinking as Farmer would handle 12 pints no bothers


Be careful with all that thinking you do be doing.


Hints to the hints hints hints.


Sex scenes in TV shows and movies.

They really are utterly tacky and pointless, it’s like the go to option for filler in a TV shows and they really devalue the content.


Hard to imagine ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ without them though.


Just boarded in Shannon for Heathrow. There is an animal/ woman in a limerick jersey boarding. She’s not 12 she must be 40. Wtf is wrong with people.


Christmas FM. Any cunt with this tuned on the radio in the car should be hauled out and put 8n stocks for the rest of us to throw shit at them.

An abomination of an idea. Should be banned along with fairytale of new york and that fucking slade song.


A bit strong, no?


It’s on the same frequency as 8 radio. I got some land the other day when Xmas FM came on.