Further Things That Are Wrong


I’d say the locals knew it like lads “knew” James McLean was charged with rape. Its appalling, but you’re also talking about the stamp of knuckle dragger who tried to cut a young lads testicles off, before murdering him, with zero evidence. Of course he’s distorted enough to maintain denial. It would be apt if one of the young lads relatives threatened to return the favour.


It’s like asking Christopher Lloyd how he invented a time travel machine :grinning:


I can’t remember exactly to be honest. Told the story of what happened the girl. I was working on a building site for the summer and this chap starting telling his story one day at lunch time, wasn’t friends or anything. We were all fairly shocked to be honest, don’t know how the conversation got around to it. Said they were treated very well in jail, and everyone supported them. He was convinced those chaps were the culprits in any case and was not wavering


The 20 lads behind him should get up earlier


The 3 avengers? They weren’t in too long. And neither was one of the suspects (not sure about the third). If they were serious they’d have carried on. Strikes me they picked out the youngest most vulnerable guy and hadn’t the cojones to take on the other 2.


India again


Another day. Another crash. The M50.


When drivers continue to drive like idiots on it, you will have accidents


It is close to unusable at this stage.


The oirish don’t know how to drive on motorways


In oireland most simpletons refer to 5he overtaking lane as “the fast lane” they think it is reserved solely for driving over 70



You’ve got to be on the m50 going south by about 6.45am these days to get through without delay


One of the saddest thing here is that the kid could face a life of foster care rather than adoption


“body of a newborn baby”

Doesn’t get that chance.


Christ . Horrific


Two crashes on the Northbound there a few hours ago, one at red cow entrance to the M50 which had traffic stopped getting onto it as well as on the M50. Carnage. I was going south thank fuck.


Grown men going around in football jerseys with their own name and a number on the back of the jersey.


Starting a thread to announce you’re leaving the forum


Those type of threads are the lifeblood of the forum, nice bit of dirty linen to be aired