Further Things That Are Wrong


Bit rough kid


And she had to give him 250k back. For fraud. Its not right.


Hope he handed over to the poor kids, imagine their state of mind


Another way of thinking about it is they wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t done what she did.
It might soften the blow for them.


Yes but imagine what he’ll she put them through ,all mixed up


Better than not existing?
Who are you (or anyone for that matter) to judge what is right or wrong in a case like this?


Not judging , stating the obvious


What’s the obvious?


That the kids are messed up over her behaviour


If you’ve any experience ref separation/ divorce you’d grasp that concept


The kids wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her “behavior”. Which you have no right to judge as you have no idea what went on in that relationship. As for not judging, you called her a trollop, exposing your insecurity and possible hatred towards women.

How do you know how her kids feel? You’ve decided they are messed up based on what exactly? Maybe they are intelligent enough to thank her for giving them life.


I give up ,you’re obviously mixed up, feminine side coming to the fore,so bye bye,kiss :kissing_heart:


Another Cark weirdo.




Chill out country bumpkin


Thats a paddling handed out by @labane1917





What’s the story with Alfie being in Didsbury?


Dunno. Someone sent me the article in the sun, and then the other one 5mins later, so alfie is either a little thug in didsbury or a soon to be wealthy litigant in the lake district.